Hire Me

for #webdev, #ux, #dataviz, #3d and more


  • Frontend development in React, Elm, Vue, Svelte or the framework of your choice.
  • Data visualization in d3, Vega or any of the frameworks above.
  • 3d applications in the browser.
  • Consulting and code reviews for software architecture with focus on a typed functional style (TypeScript, Elm, PureScript).
  • UX design, prototyping and user testing.


Work Ethic

  • Absolutely no overengineering or speculation.
  • Excellent communication, follow-through and initiative where appropriate.
  • Secure, correct, intuitive, fast and beautiful end results, in roughly that order.

Is this up your alley?

I am excited to hear from you.

If you live in Berlin or passing by, let’s hang out over coffee or lunch.